O'Keefe&Merritt - Town&Country-WhiteStove
O’Keefe & Merritt – Town & Country / Aristocrat Estate Stove. Restored by Antique and Vintage Stove Shop

Our  Restoration Process includes all of the following:

  • Re-chroming of all chrome or polishing of metals that cannot be chromed.
  • Re-porcelaining of burner grates and burner heads and up to 3 pieces of white porcelain.
  • Removal and deep cleaning of all removable white or colored porcelain pieces
  • Removal and replacement of insulation (as much as possible)
  • Hand stripping of gutted frame by hand with wire wheels and sanders etc.
  • Coating of frame with black epoxy.
  • Replacement of window glass if applicable.
  • Going through stove to make it electrically sound (rewire as needed).
  • Replace switches and light sockets if they are available.
  • Repack all valves, calibrate, repair or replace thermostats and safety valves
  • Repair doors, hinges, and springs etc.
  • We make clocks work if possible (most of the time it is). There is no warranty on clocks.
  • Griddles are you’re choice: chrome, nickel or Teflon or polish if aluminum.
  • Fill and airbrush any minor chipping.
  • Polish and detail stove for delivery or pick up.
  • Free loaners are available